Giving your cat milk, a good idea?

It is no secret that cats love milk. Cartoon cats are often pictured with a bowl of milk and a ball of yarn. Did you however know that cats are lactose intolerant? This means that the poor animals cannot properly digest cow’s milk. Luckily, there are various solutions. The most famous one is cat milk. You can find this special type of milk for cats in pretty much every supermarket. Cats can however also safely drink goat’s milk!


What about soy milk and almond milk?

Giving soy milk to your cat isn’t much of a good idea. Soy milk contains stachyose and raffinose – two components that cause flatulence and digestive discomfort in cats.
Almond milk isn’t suited for cats either. Almond milk obviously contains almond nuts and some cats are sensitive to nuts, which might leave them with stomach aches.