Pixi’s changing teeth!


A while ago, I noticed Pixi had started teething. She would bite me gently and would gnaw on pretty much ant object she could find: pens, pencils, her rubber brush – anything was good enough to sink her teeth into. One day, I saw her spit out a small jagged white object. At first I thought it was a piece of chicken from her breakfast meal that she had only just finished. When I rinsed the object and looked into it closer, it appeared to me that it was actually a tooth! A tiny tooth! I decided to keep it as a souvenir.
You can see the tooth in the picture on the left. It’s the one at the top. The other one, she lost about a week later. I think the teeth look pretty fascinating.

Kittens start to lose their baby teeth at the age of about 3-4 months. They are usually done changing teeth by the time they’re 9 months old.
Pixi’s teeth are coming about nicely!