Cordoba Cats – Reader’s story

Panorama of the Alcazar gardens in Cordoba

I few years ago, when I lived in Spain as an exchange student, I decided to make a trip to Cordoba. It’s a terrific city with stunning gardens and palaces. Outside the Alcazar sat this gorgeous colorpoint tomcat. He didn’t wear a collar but it must have been someone’s pet since the animal was extremely friendly. He would just walk up to people asking for attention.

These are some pictures I took of the gorgeous animal. He looked a lot like a Siamese, but I don’t know all that much about cat breeds so I might be wrong. I do however know that it was a very sweet animal. At some point he even requested belly rubs!

Siamese cat playing with a stick


I decided to play with the animal for a while before I entered the Alcazar. The building was amazing but its gardens were even more majestic. I’m absolutely positive that these must be some of the most prettiest gardens in Europe and perhaps even in the world!


Fountain at Alcazar Cordoba


Inside the gardens, even more felines could be found roaming around. They were all super cute and equally adorable. Check them out below!


colorpoint cat
young woman with cat