Meow, I’m Pixi!

Meow folks! I’m Pixi!

I was born in Belgium on May 8, 2016. I lived happily together with my mommy and siblings when some day my mom disappeared. I don’t remember much of this since I was only a few weeks old. Luckily, a nice person found me and my siblings and brought us to a cat rescue organization. We grew up together in a foster family, but at the age of 9 weeks, it was time to move to my furrever home. That’s where Lucas comes in!

Lucas took me home with him and I have loved being his little furball ever since. At night, I stay at Lucas’ place, and during the day he takes me with him to work. I love hanging out with Lucas’ coworkers. They give me tons of love and attention. I might have had a little bit of a rough start in life, but now I’m a pampered kitty. I have sooo many toys, scratchers and cat beds. Not that I need any beds: when I get tired I just take a nap on someone’s lap. Being an office cat is amazing!

Now that Lucas has created this blog, I’m his little mascot! Please tell me all of your interesting cat stories and I’ll share them with the world!

Lots of love and kisses,


P.S. Learn more about me at the Lucas & Cats Facebook page

Pixi playing with a sisal toy

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  1. Lori Hammer

    What a beautiful girl and thank you Lucas for giving her a home. Sounds like she has made many friends on top if everything rlse. Tough start then a big heart saved her.